Business Development

The Carey Group deploys our knowledge and relationships in local and state government, business communities, and nonprofit networks to elevate your initiatives in the Pittsburgh area and beyond.

Create And Track A Pipeline

The Carey Group evaluates the work that your business has accomplished in order to capitalize on your strengths. By pinpointing where your business excels, we strategically match your strengths with issues and potential projects and establish a business development plan targeting those matches. We tap into our our significant network in the community to help your business find ways to maximize profit, outlets for growth, and development in Pennsylvania.


We rely on our knowledge and experience in politics, local government, and the regulatory system to advocate on your behalf. Our understanding of the procurement process allows us to zealously and effectively advance our clients’ business and political interests within the various government structures in the area.

Set Targets & Find New Leads

We believe the work isn’t over once your goal is reached. The Carey Group will continue to find ways to leverage your business interests and aspirations to find more opportunities to expand your efforts and impact in Pennsylvania. By establishing targets and metrics to measure our outreach, you can be confident that we will consistently find leads for your business to compete for work.

Case Studies

  • The Efficiency Network
    The Efficiency Network
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  • Pittsburgh Fire Extinguisher
    Pittsburgh Fire Extinguisher
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Government Affairs

Through our knowledge and significant network of relationships in the area, The Carey Group helps you navigate government and educate lawmakers about your concerns and your industry to accomplish your goals.

Strategic Communication

The Carey Group creates a media plan to convey your message effectively to your target audience. Whether it is a press release to news outlets, a letter to stakeholders, or establishing a social media strategy, we can identify and execute effective ways to frame your message.

Legislative Research

We establish a policy game plan by surveying the current political environment, researching previous political successes and failures within similar projects, and creating a legal analysis of proposed plans.

Issue Advocacy & Community Relations

Effective issue advocacy means getting local leaders and the community to understand and rally behind your issue. Each issue is unique, as is the political climate surrounding it. The Carey Group tailors efforts to elevate your issue by strategizing the most effective path forward. We ensure that the community not only hears your concerns, but that they care — and therefore engage. We educate policymakers so that they understand your issue, your industry, and the best way to move forward on your current issue or those in the future.

Case Studies

  • The Pittsburgh Penguins
    The Pittsburgh Penguins
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  • The Pittsburgh Foundation
    The Pittsburgh Foundation
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  • The Entertainment Soft Association
    The Entertainment Soft Association
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Political Consulting

From the first days of your campaign to running your final ‘Get Out The Vote’ plan, the Carey Group has the ability to put together a top notch campaign.

Campaign Management

The Carey Group will help develop your budget, write your field plan, hire your day-to-day staff, and manage your other professional consultants. Whether your campaign is for a traditional candidate or a specific issue, we can help you win on Election Day.

Event Planning

With experience organizing events ranging from presidential visits to community picnics, The Carey Group coordinates events from conception and event design to execution to set the appropriate message and tone to your invited guests and media coverage.

Grassroots Organizing

The Carey Group identifies and organizes your target audience to build support for your issue. With years of experience in building coalitions and bringing different constituencies together, we are aggressive advocates for your cause. From running letters to the editor campaigns, to implementing an earned media plan or creating a traditional neighbors-talking-to-neighbors program, we can move your target audience in a positive way.

Case Studies

  • Ballot Initiative
    Ballot Initiative
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  • Judge Dan Regan
    Judge Dan Regan
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Joyce Insurance Group

The Kinross family has been a part of the insurance industry in Western Pennsylvania for over 40 years.  In an effort to carry on that legacy, The Carey Group is proud to have the Joyce Insurance group as a partner.

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