PFE Fire & Safety

The relationship we have with PFE Fire & Safety, our first client. sums up the Carey Group…accountability, planning, friendship and successful results.

Jeff Becker and his family own PFE. My friendship with Jeff goes back to when we were kids, our family history goes back to when our mothers were kids. PFE sells and services fire protection equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire alarms, emergency lighting and sprinkler systems. PFE also offers a top-notch video surveillance program to help keep your property safe.

When I started my business, I did what most people starting a business do, I called friends and family looking for support, ideas, encouragement and most importantly…work! Jeff hired the Carey Group without hesitation and without asking to see a proposal.

Through regular meetings used to identify targets and create a pipeline of leads, the Carey Group has helped PFE win business at Heinz Field, PNC Park, LaRoche College, St. Vincent College, Dollar Bank, PNC Bank and the Pittsburgh Zoo, to name a few. It is a great example of our model that calls for consistent communication, staying accountable to each other and charting progress.

I am proud to represent Jeff and PFE and I ask you to consider using PFE for your fire protection needs. Jeff and I often comment about how his industry is such a nameless and faceless one but that every office building, restaurant, school and hospital is required to use his services.

But the PFE story is not a unique one at the Carey Group. We are proud of the longevity we have with many of our clients and I plan to share their stories in upcoming blog posts.