Combatting the Opioid Epidemic

Being situated in the heart of Western Pennsylvania, our team has truly seen the devastating impact of the Opioid Epidemic.  That is why when the lawyers at Marc J. Bern & Partners, a New York-based firm that led the fight in recovering damages for September 11th survivors, approached us with their plan to help combat this epidemic we knew we had to join the effort.

Lawsuits are being filed throughout the country by state and local governments against the drug manufacturers and distributors seeking to recover government costs of dealing with this crisis and seeking accountability for those that are responsible. The Carey Group agreed to help and began communicating with County Commissioners in Pennsylvania.

Since joining this effort, we have helped Bern & Partners be retained by multiple counties. The list includes Lawrence, Beaver, Washington, Greene, Fayette, Westmoreland, Cambria and Armstrong. Lawsuits have been filed in each county’s courthouse and the process is underway.

A successful outcome will make a big impact for these communities. In Westmoreland County alone, the TribLive reported that “[t]he costs associated with overdose deaths, as well as other issues involving the prosecution and detention of drug dealers, has cost residents about 23 cents of every tax dollar paid to the county, officials said.”

As this crisis continues, The Carey Group is proud to be a part of this fight with proven winners and we look forward to helping communities in our area have a chance to recover.