The Entertainment Soft Association (ESA) is the national trade association representing the keys players in the video gaming industry including Disney, EA, Playstation, Microsoft, and Nintendo, just to name a few. The strong universities in Pittsburgh that cultivate tech talent and the continued growth of the tech community thanks to more and more companies coming into the city, have created a wonderful opportunity for video game industry. Recognizing this, ESA reached out to The Carey Group in order to strategically join and capitalize on this exciting time for technology in Pittsburgh. The Carey Group engaged in grassroots organizing in order to supplement the ongoing lobbying efforts already taking place to secure tax credits for the video game industry. By utilizing our connections with local schools, universities, businesses, and local leaders, The Carey Group worked to ensure that the industry’s voice was not only amplified to the community but also that their objectives were understood. The Carey Group helped explain to the community that results of this initiative would positively impact everyone because making Pittsburgh more competitive in the tech industry ensures growth in the economy, attracts more business to the city, and encourages innovation in every field. The groundwork that The Carey Group did on this issue led to the community supporting the tax credits for the video game industry and thus the ultimate success of the legislation.